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    年輕一代尋找中國夢 The Young Generation Seeks For Chinese Dr

    作者:第一作文 來源:整理 時間:2019-04-20 字體: 手機瀏覽
    Many years ago, when China was poor and lagged much behind the world, a lot of men went to California to seek for gold in the hope that they could be rich when they returned to hometown. American dream once influenced the world and it attracted people to realize their dreams. But today, the future is in China. Many young people come to China to find their dreams.

    Chinese economy developed very fast in the last decades, the market is full of vitality and booming. More and more students choose to study abroad, but most of them decide to return China to start their business, which is very different with ten years ago. At that time, finding jobs in foreign countries was their target. What's more, China attracts foreigners to come and seek for cooperation, because they know clearly that China can provide the chance they need.

    Mandarin is learned by people from all around the world. The newest report shows that more than 100 million people learn Chinese, which is the world's second language, and only ranks behind English. Chinese dream helps them to have more chances.


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