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          富人與貴族 The Rich and the Noble

          作者:第一作文 來源:整理 時間:2019-04-24 字體: 手機瀏覽
          The fast development of Chinese economy brings great chance for some people to get rich in the 1990s. They seize the chance and gain a lot fortune to become the rich generation and their children are called as the second rich generation, which is believed to be the negative word. The rich people still have a long way to go as noble in spirit.

          When the media report news about Chinese second rich generation, they are often described to be violent, rude and impolite. These rich kids live the comfortable life, but their parents haven’t educated them well because they are busy with their business. Or these kids are sent to study abroad, they are still the wild children.

          Look at the rich people in the developed countries, which are treated as the noble. Though these kids enjoy the great fortune, they live as the ordinary people. They are educated to be polite and respect people since they are small. The most important thing is that they don’t treat themselves as special group.

          The real rich people are noble in spirit, the good manners they own make them special.


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