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    • 中考英語作文預測:二胎


      中考英語作文預測:二胎 國家開放二孩政策后,很多同學都面臨著即將做哥哥或姐姐的情況。 【預測題目】 假如你是學生李華,在家是獨生子女,國家開放二孩政策后,你的父母想再生一個孩子,征求你的意見。恰好你的美國筆友Peter來信詢問我國的二孩政策。你給他... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 中考英語作文預測:假期打工


      2019年中考英語作文預測:假期打工 中學生應該在假期打工嗎?你的看法呢? 【預測題目】 暑假就要到了。很多學生打算在假期打工鍛煉自己,可是有些家長不同意。他們認為打工既耽誤學習,又不太安全。請你以Should teenagers be allowed to have part-time job... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 2019年中考英語作文預測:減壓


      2019年中考英語作文預測:減壓 生活節奏加快,競爭日益激烈,讓大多數中學生在生活和學習上或多或少產生了壓力,如何應對壓力是大家不可回避的問題。 【預測題目】 為了更好地發現及解決同學們中存在的心理壓力問題,你們班特意開展了一次以Less Pressure, Bet... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 2019年中考英語作文預測:畢業感想


      2019年中考英語作文預測:畢業感想 2019中考近在眼前,初三生們也在漸漸與母校和初中生活告別。此時此刻,相信每位同學內心都感慨萬千吧。 【預測題目】 初中生活馬上就要結束了,三年的初中生活一定給你留下了很多揮之不去的回憶。請你給大家講一個最值得你... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 2019年中考英語作文預測:校園暴力


      2019年中考英語作文預測:校園暴力 遇見或親身經歷過校園暴力嗎?千萬別以為這是危言聳聽,在學校必須注意維護自己的人身安全。 【預測題目】 近年全國發生數起嚴重的校園暴力事件,某中學初三8班圍繞校園安全問題召開主題班會。假定你是班長李華,以How to p... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 自信帶來機會 Confidence Brings Chance


      I am always shy and afraid of standing in front of a lot of people, so I don't have many friends. In my heart, I desire to make a lot of friends and hang out with them. I know my problem. I am not confident and if I show my humor, surely ot... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 我的英語老師 My English Teacher


      English is the necessary subject to learn. Since I went to school, I have to learn it. But I am not interested in it because I can't find how useful it is. Two months ago, there was a new English teacher taught us, I realized that her teach... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 好學生的定義 What Is a Good Student


      Every teacher likes the top students who can always get the high mark in the exam. So it is natural for people to believe that a good student must be good at the exam. In my opinion, the definition of a good student should not be the one wh... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 我的秘密 My Secret


      Last week, when I got home after school, no one was at home. I went to my parents' bedroom and found a wallet on the desk, so I felt very excited but also scared, because I wanted to buy a dress but I was afraid of being a thief. Finally, I... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 生活需要挫折 Life Needs Setback


      People always say that life can't goes on well all the time, because we will meet all kinds of difficulties. When we are students, we want to get improved and do well in the exams. When we graduate and find a job, we need to finish the task... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 真正的偶像 The Real Idol


      I like watching all kinds of sports, especially tennis. Roger Federer is famous all around the world, who has been popular for many years. Now he is almost 35, which is the old age for tennis player. Many players choose to quit playing as t... [ 閱讀全文 ]

    • 當我面對榮譽時 When I Face Honor


      The old people always say pride will make a person lag behind. They make a conclusion of it must have their reason and I believe it, because I have such experience. Last semester, I did well in the final exam. My teacher spoke highly of me... [ 閱讀全文 ]


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