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    • صӢZ


      صӢZ صӢZother is the person I admire the most because she has the folloing good qualities. Firstly, she is a tolerant person. She ill be tolerant to other peoples mistakes including mine. hen I make a mis... [ xȫ ]

    • ﹝ӢZģ옷


      ﹝ӢZģ옷 Mid-autumn Festival is a popular and important lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. There are some traditions in t... [ xȫ ]

    • PҵӢZģMy Bedroom


      PPҵӢZģMy Bedroom Look at this room. Its my bedroom. There is a map of China and a photo of me on the all. My bed is not big but it is very nice. There is a lovely toy dog on it. Every night I sleep ith it. Near the bed, the... [ xȫ ]

    • ڵӢZģNext Week


      PڵӢZģNext eek It's going to be Spring Festivalnext eek. Next Monday I am going to mycousin's house. He lives in a village. I am going by ship. Next Tuesday I amgoing to have a picnic. Next ednesday I am going to go shopping... [ xȫ ]

    • WУӢZģMy School


      PڌWУӢZģMy School My school is very beautiful. Itis in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you kno it? It is NanhaiExperimental Primary School. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in myschool. e have P.E. cla... [ xȫ ]

    • 茑﹝ӢZ


      茑﹝ӢZ The Middle-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, it is often held in September or October.During the festival, family members get united and have mooncakes together.THere are various kind of moon... [ xȫ ]

    • ̎ӢZģThe teachersday


      Pڽ̎ӢZģThe teachersday It is Teachers'Day on September 10th every year. Teachers are the greatest people in the orldI thinkbecause they teach us ho to rite and read. The most important is that they teach us ho to be a... [ xȫ ]

    • P﹝ӢZ


      P﹝ӢZ Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China. It used to be as important as Spring Festival .It is usually celebrated in September or October. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautifu... [ xȫ ]

    • 꼉ӢZģMy Days of the Week


      꼉ӢZģMy Days of the eek Im a student and I am in Grade5. I get up at six oclock every day. Ihave classes from Monday to Friday. On SaturdayI often play ping-pong and atch TV. On Sunday, I do myhomeork and read books. I lik... [ xȫ ]

    • ͥӢZģHappy Family


      PڼͥӢZģHappy Family Everyone has a family. I have afamily, too. I name it Happy family, because everyone in my family is happy. Come and meet my family, please!My mother is kind. I love her, and she loves me, too. My mothe... [ xȫ ]

    • LǵӢZģThe Great Wall


      PLǵӢZģThe Great all hat impresses me most in Beijing is the Great all hich is one of the greatest projects in the orld. It's not only the cultural heritage, but also a symbol of China. "It's glorious." I think. It looks like... [ xȫ ]

    • cӢZģӢZӛ


      cӢZģӢZӛ The National Day that day, the air crisp, the square every lamppost hang flags, the first tree hanging from the lights, the square is dressed up more colorful. In the morning, in every corner of the square has been... [ xȫ ]


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