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          2013年四川省英語高考題目 討論學習習慣問題

          作者:高中作文網 來源:未知 時間:2013-12-27 字體: 手機瀏覽
          1. 說明學習習慣與學習效果之間的關系;
          2. 介紹一種好的學習習慣并提出養成該習慣的建議;
          3. 描述自己在學習習慣方面存在的某個問題并給出改進措施
          1. 詞數120左右,開頭語已為你寫好
          2. 可以適當增加細節,以使行文連貫
          3. 文中不得透露個人姓名和學校名稱
          It’s useful and necessary to discuss learning habits.

          It’s useful and necessary to discuss learning habits. As we all know, good learning habits can make your study go to succeed. As a student, we should pay more attentions to our habits which we develop in our study.
          I’m sure “repeat” is a best habit. Do you develop the habit? If we want to improve our study, we should repeat what the teachers taught us again and again, and then we can understand or remember the knowledge which the teachers demand us to master. How to develop the habit? the first step, set a timetable, and stick to carry out the plan, don’t stop.
          When I do my homework, I often make mistakes with carelessness, how to overcome the shortage? I think I should think about it over and over as long as I do my homework. And then I do it little by little. Maybe in this way I can correct my mistakes.


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